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Customized and Complete Care

Each horse has a customized care plan actively managed by our professional staff. Full Boarders enjoy accommodations in the 21 stalls located in our Upper Barn, or the 22 stalls located in the NEW Lower Barn. Stalls are cleaned 7 days per week with fresh shavings added as needed. Fans are installed in each stall to keep horses cool during the summer months. A Staff member is onsite 24-hours/day.

Scots Ridge is known for its lush and expansive pastures.  Of varying size and terrain, all of our fields have abundant grass, hay huts, and automatic water troughs. Most horses and ponies go out with carefully chosen companions in small groups; some have individual turnout. Schedules are tailored for the weather and individual horse needs.

Administration of medication, blanketing, and holding for vet and farrier services are provided for ALL Boarding levels at no extra charge. We are happy to order and deliver special diets and supplements purchased by clients. All clients have access to cross-ties, wash areas, feed room, laundry, and tack room.  Whether you are riding or visiting with your horse, the farm is open all day, every day.

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We are fortunate to have a team of fantastic vets and farriers who come to know each of our horses well and are at the farm regularly to provide wrap-around care. Handling for these visits is included in Board. Veterinary services (routine, special, and emergency) are provided by Dr. Matt Paxton and the team at Pinnacle Equine. This talented team of vets visit the farm regularly for preventative care (including dentistry) and bring their vast knowledge and experience to maximize the health and potential of each horse – from performance sport horses to retirees.  For more information, visit their website here. Farrier Eugene Church and his team are at the farm weekly for routine and specialized hoof care and shoeing.


Full Stall Board


  • Unlimited hay and water

  • Nutrena grain twice daily*

  • Daily stall cleaning

  • Individual or small group turnout, day or night turnout available

  • Automatic water troughs in paddocks

  • Round hay bale access in fields during winter

  • Blanketing

  • Scheduling and holding for vet and farrier services

*Additional supplements and allergy-sensitive grains must be provided by owner


Client Lessons

$65 per hour-long lesson

For lessons on a horse you own/lease. These may be in private, semi-private, or small group settings. 

School Lessons

$85 per hour-long lesson

For lessons on one of our college-owned horses. These may be in private, semi-private, or small group settings. 

Horse Show Training

$75 per day

For training by the professional at any non-IHSA or IEA horse show.

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